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The site is called Public Disgrace and has a lot of outdoor bondage and public humiliation. Girls (mostly east european) are paraded through town and fucked in front of strangers while they are tied up. The scenes are real, and not staged. This is the best punishment in public you will ever see. 

You can see samples from Public Disgrace here.


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Tied up my wife outside by the pool

Tied up my wife outside by the pool

I'm a wealthy man and I got a great looking wife. I run my own business and my wife's only business is to keep in shape (and use my money). I often wondered (not anymore, after what I'm about to tell us), why she ever married me, because she never respected me. Actually; I know why: Money. I'm not good looking and she is gorgeous. Lucky me, you might think, but imagine being bullied around by your wife, which is what she did to me and knowing (deep inside, not something you ever talk about), that you are only wanted for your money. You may think that Iīm a cry baby, because you can see on the picture that my wife is hot.

OK, here's the story: I'm coming home early in day and my wife is outside by the pool doing her aerobics and looks like she has a great time, until she sees me and looks like she bitten on grape or something like that. I don't why, but that day it just clicked for me and asked her why she looked like that. Usually, I just avoid confrontations with her (funny, because I don't have that problem at work).

At first she just tried to let it slide and pretended not to hear what I asked, but I asked her again. Why the sour face and she just blew me off with a lame answer. I kept pressing it and she started talking back to me. We got into a huge fight where she accused me of coming home early and ruining her day. We got into the money, she called me a loser man and said that I could not satisfy her.

The I just snapped and yelled that if she was only there for the money, I should get whatever I wanted from her whore body. I grabbed her and she fought back, but I got her down on her knees and slapped her across the face. Somehow wrestling with her hot looking body wearing that skimpy aerobic outfit turned me on as hell. I decided that I was going to get one last piece of her body, because this was probably the last time. This time I was getting what was mine.

We got all the way down on at the side of the pool, and I held her tight. Then I tied with my tie and some towels and some of aerobic equipment. She screamed and cursed at me, and I was afraid the the neighbours would hear her, so I took one of her stupid little aerobics balls and stuffed in her dirty mouth.

Then I completed the tie (Now, I know that it's a hogtied, but back then it just happened like that). One of the neighbours had heard us and put his head over hedge and saw across the pool, what was going on. When her saw her lying by the side of the pool in a bondage tie, he's eyes became a little larger. He asked what we were doing and I replied that I was teaching the wife a lesson. He put up a big smile and left again, probably thinking that she was in on it and it was just some happy bondage by the pool. She wasn't

I lifted her up and took her inside, where I had my way with her. During this I noticed that her struggles were not as furious as in the beginning and soon I realised that she liked it.

To make the story a little shorter and to get to the point, I turned out that she wanted me to act like that. After that day, our marriage was completely different. Now she respects me and treat her like a little slave girl. One of our favourite bondage play is still outside by the pool, where we recreate the moment. The picture is from one of our recreations where I use a real ball gag and real ropes and tie her up next to the pool. She is still dressed in the picture but soon after that, she is nude and all mine. You just have to use your imagination if you want to see her naked, because that is something I'm not sharing, LOL.

We just love our pool bondage now and sometimes the neighbour even watched us, we pretend that we dont see him :-)

NB: Edited Jan 13, 2009 - I had some emails from a lot of you, who couldnt really get this story to match up with what you know about me. So let me clarify: Im not the gentleman tying up his wife. The story was mailed to me by the couple, and I just posted it. OK, all clear now :-)

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The source of this material is rumored to have originated in a basement in Louisiana. At least thatīs what most experienced surfers and webmasters agrees on, while others claims that itīs a dutch producers work.

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