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The site is called Public Disgrace and has a lot of outdoor bondage and public humiliation. Girls (mostly east european) are paraded through town and fucked in front of strangers while they are tied up. The scenes are real, and not staged. This is the best punishment in public you will ever see. 

You can see samples from Public Disgrace here.


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Sheila naked and crucified in the woods

Sheila naked and crucified in the woods

I hired Sheila to pose for some outdoor bondage pictures for Nature Bondage

When I hire the girls, I try to make sure that they are into this stuff; otherwise it just becomes too painful to do. Sheila was hot and all worked up about this and she told me that she was rebelling to the Christian lifestyle she was brought up in.

I though that sounded great and we actually agreed to a mock crucifixion while she was naked in the woods. She told me she was looking forward to it and the next day we went out in woods and made a cross to tied her to, just a little improvised cross.

Then Sheila turned out be a real Diva and started complaining and laughing hysterically about just about anything. She was very loud about the tree "hurting" her when she was tied to it, so in the end I had to wrap some plastic around the tree so her delicate ass would get a splint or 2 in it, Jesus - what did you expects Sheila? Itīs called Nature Bondage for a reason.

Sheila naked and crucified in the woods. Sheila naked and crucified in the woods. Sheila naked and crucified in the woods.
Sheila naked and crucified in the woods. Sheila naked and crucified in the woods. Sheila naked and crucified in the woods.

Well, the background aside I think the pictures turned out nice and Sheila does have a hot body. I had her crucified to the tree with some chains which made a nice effect. I also get to gag her a bit with a yellow ball gag.

When all is said and done, Sheila is a nice girl and she looked great being crucified naked and nude to a tree by the lake. On the way home, she apologizes for being so difficult and said that she liked being naked in public and that she was actually turned on by the nude crucifixion. She just became a little overwhelmed and nervous, but would like to do something like this again soon. You can see Sheila at Nature Bondage

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If you have never heard about the blue serie, you are missing some extremely well performed and painful abuse

The Blue Serie

The most extreme
"bondage" serie

The source of this material is rumored to have originated in a basement in Louisiana. At least thatīs what most experienced surfers and webmasters agrees on, while others claims that itīs a dutch producers work.

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This is where fantasy ends and reality begins

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Women are being trained (for 4 days) to be submissive and serve men. Itīs a hard regime that they have to endure. They have to give blowjobs and take both vaginal and anal sex while they are tied up.

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