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The site is called Public Disgrace and has a lot of outdoor bondage and public humiliation. Girls (mostly east european) are paraded through town and fucked in front of strangers while they are tied up. The scenes are real, and not staged. This is the best punishment in public you will ever see. 

You can see samples from Public Disgrace here.


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Nina getting tied up with ropes and suspended on boat

Nina getting tied up with ropes and suspended on boat

In the summer of 2003 I had a short bondage fling with a girl named Nina. We were on vacation in San Francisco and had rented a boat. We wanted sail around in the bay and enjoy the summer. Nina was pretty hot (and pretty and hot, pun intended) - the only thing I didnīt like about her was her tattoos, but she made than made up for it in enthusiasm when it came to being tied up.
Being out there on the water on that great sunny day, I decided that it was time teach her a lesson and went below and got my bondage gear - never leave home without it :-)

When I got topside again, Nina saw the bondage gear and made her "face" - surprised and in-dignified, but she wasnīt fooling me, she was curious to see what I wanted to do with her. Since she was a bondage virgin, I started out with a light "hogtie" and a red ball gag, just to do it right.
I lifted her up on the padded seat and speed up the boat. Bouncing on the waves, she had a hard time not falling down. When we got to a more crowded area of the golden bay, I stopped the engine and changed her position. The next position I placed Nina in, was a suspension tie, where she had her hands tied behind her back, her feet tied up behind her - up to her ass. I kept the red ball gag in Ninaīs mouth. The hardest part was getting her up, so she was hanging from the upper deck - Itīs hard to explain, see the pictures below for more details.

When I finally got her up, I took my new ass hook and placed in her pussy and tied it up her back. Her asshole was still to tight for the ass hook, but Nina would soon learn to please me in that area as well. In fact I started breaking her in at that time, but thatīs a different story, enough for now to say that I use one of my ball dildos on her (I call it that because its a long piece of metal with ball on it (see the pictures).

Nina getting tied up with ropes and suspended on boat.
She keeps falling down
Nina getting tied up with ropes and suspended on boat. Nina getting tied up with ropes and suspended on boat.
This is an ass hook
Nina getting tied up with ropes and suspended on boat.
Ass Hook
Nina getting tied up with ropes and suspended on boat. Nina getting tied up with ropes and suspended on boat.
Nina getting tied up with ropes and suspended on boat. Nina getting tied up with ropes and suspended on boat. Nina getting tied up with ropes and suspended on boat.
Nina getting tied up with ropes and suspended on boat.

I love women in suspension bondage - and having the opportunity to do it outside was great, but while I love seeing it, there not much you can actually do to the women as she hangs there. Therefore, I soon got her down again and got her tied in the front deck spread eagle, hands over her head, legs spread, buck naked. She looked nice there in the sun with her legs tied spread, and I fucked her for a while. When I came over her stomach, I started thinking about calling it a day. But before I got to untie her, she whispered to me that the whole thing was exiting as well, she had never been nude i public before and being tied up just so amazing. That did it for me: I was not done with her yet. So I wiped the cum of her stomach and let her stay in the position. I started asking her question about the sex and and what turned her on the most. She told me that being out in the open with the chance of being seen (we could See a lot of boat sailing around in the bay) was very exciting and this BDSM (as she called it) outside was hot. She secretly hoped that someone would see her laying like this, she didnīt mind being see (she wanted it), but she feared being seen by people she knew, being recognized.

I told her that the chance of meeting someone she knew out here was very small and she agreed to that. Having gotten her unsaid permission, I started sailing closer to some other boat and soon they could see her clearly. On no, she screamed and ask me to untie her, she was getting cold feed, but I didnīt untie Nina, I blindfolded her with a few length of ropes and sailed even closer to some other boats. I figured that if she could see the people who could see her, she would have more courage and be even more excited. When I had blindfolded her, I asked her if she was OK, and she just said: "Get Closer" - she said it like she had practiced it, but yet had a hard time getting herself to say it. She actually wanted to get closer to the other boats while she was tied up, but was embarrassed to admit it.

I went close to a lot of boat and waved to a lot of them. Some of them were so close that I could talk to the other people. Comments like "Nice artwork" and "good looking figurehead you got there", were common. Later I went and put some nipple clamps on her nipples.
After a while, I got tired of the game and sailed to a nearby piece of beach, where I landed the boat (Yes, you land a boat) and made a deal with her. I would untie her and let her off the boat, but she could get her clothes back yet. She agreed with a whimper.

She got of the boat and clearly she was embarrassed walking around nude on the small beach. I took her to some trees and tied her up again, first in a hogtied and suspended her from a tree. I also ball gagged her again with the red ball gag. There was another suspension position I wanted to try and let her down and re-roped her, so her knees were pulled up to her chest and suspended her again. In this position I could fuck her in the ass - and I did just that. This was the first she really complained and I had to gag her again, this time with some uncomfortable pieces of rope. I also blindfolded her again, with ropes.

Then I fucked her really hard in the ass while she was suspended outside and nude, hanging from a tree. Bondage at its best, If you ask me.

When I was done, I got her down again. She was OK with the "ass rape" but thought the trees hid us to well. She wanted to be more exposed when it had happened. I took that as a cry for more, and tied her hands behind her back and paraded her down to the edge of the water and spend another half hour, abusing her in different positions. This time I used my leather straps, so I could easily move her around and "tie" her in new bondage positions. I also used my nipple clamps on her again, this time a little harder. A lot of boats sailed by, some even stopped and watched. Every time she looked at the boats and moaned "Oh fuck, now they see us", but she never said : "Stop", and each time her pussy got more and more wet.

When the day was over, she was no longer a bondage virgin, and the public nudity while tied up in bondage was an amazing thing for her. She just hoped that none of the people who saw us, were someone who knew her. She will never know, because she was blindfolded a lot and a lot of people saw her tied naked outside. She said that was actually the biggest rush and that she was in constant state of horniness for a week after our trip (something I didnīt complain about).

The kind people over at hogtied and posted the movie of my bondage trip with Nina online. They posted it on July 27, 2003 - Go to the site and find that update from July 23, 2003 and you can see the entire trip with the full movies and the pictures. Thereīs a also a free trailer you can see.

But if you really want the hardcore outside bondage done in public, You have to go to Public Disgrace. - That site rocks.


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