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The site is called Public Disgrace and has a lot of outdoor bondage and public humiliation. Girls (mostly east european) are paraded through town and fucked in front of strangers while they are tied up. The scenes are real, and not staged. This is the best punishment in public you will ever see. 

You can see samples from Public Disgrace here.


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A Bondage Dare

A Bondage Dare

Question: I really want to experience the thrill of doing bondage outdoors, but my problem is that iīm a single man and don't have anyone to do it with. How do I take part in this bondage lifestyle? I want to try it.

Answer: First of all, you didn't mention if you wanted to be tied up yourself or if you wanted to tie up a woman (or another man). Since you don't mention other people, I will answer you question as if you are alone. My suggestion as actually more like a bondage dare and this is what I want you to do. Woman can play this bondage dare as well.

This is what you do:
1) Find a place with some trees or something similar you can handcuff yourself to. I would suggest somewhere far away from where you live if you don't want your immediate surroundings to know. Or if you are a real outdoors bondage daredevil, somewhere close to you home. The place you find should be somewhere public, but not public, just some light traffic and occasional people passing through.
2) When you find the place, strip down to your underwear and use the handcuffs to cuff yourself to something above yourself, very up. When you done, through the key as far away as possible.
3) Wait for someone to pass you by, and see if you can persuade them to unlock you.

The above was the easy version.

Here the next step up which is a little harder and a more daring bondage dare:
1) Tied your feet to something low, around the tree or something similar - do this before you lock the handcuffs above you.
2) Make sure that your underwear is more revealing, if you are woman you would were bottomless underwear or a g-string for this bondage dare. Men could use a posing couch. Ohm, and the women could do this topless.
3) You can make this one a bit easier if you face the tress or the object you tied or handcuff yourself to.

OK, here comes to most daring of my suggestions for you bondage dare.
1) Do as mentioned in the easier dares but be naked, totally nude.
2) Or be naked and use a blindfold, so you can see the people passing by.
3) Here's a really hard one. Don't throw the key away - if you are female, put it in you pussy or ass, men can put in the ass or hang it from their dick. Now you just made it a lot more personal if you need someone to unlock you. Now they HAVE to touch your "naked and tied up outdoors in bondage" body.

OK, OK - Iīm getting more and more excited - but listen to this one:
1) Have come with you (if you know someone who is into bondage dares) and have them tied up or cuff you nude outdoors in bondage and have them leave with your clothes. Once you manage to have someone set you free, you have to get home naked.
2) Add a vibrator to the bondage dare. Men: up your ass - Women: the hole of your choice.

A little something to think about. I would not recommend you girls doing this, you would probably get raped. Not a happy ending to your bondage dare. This is mostly for men, or strong women who can handle whatever may come from this. Make sure that this is legal where you live or do this. If you just don't care - go ahead and do it. US reader, be very aware of the risk of being labelled a sex offender.


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