Rosenda Monteros in El Coleccionista de cadáveres (1970)

Wrists and ankles tied together with rope, gagged with cloth tied over her mouth.

Rosenda Monteros

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unknown in The Lost (2009) part 2
Her hands at her side, feet slightly apart, and a waist strap.

Kerrie Keane in Kung Fu (1986)
Tied to a chair.

Jenya Lano in Stealing Candy (2002) part 5
Jenya has both hands tied in front to the bedpost.

Kay Aldridge in Perils of Nyoka 2 (1942)
Vultura´s men tie her to a rack in Cassim´s tent.

Tina Aumont in Lifespan (1974)
Rosenda Monteros is tied nude in the knots in a ´rope bondage vest´, symbolising the DNA. Rosenda Monteros has her hands supposedly tied behind her back.