Patricia Gaul in Silverado (1985)

Kate is gagged.

Patricia Gaul

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Virginia Mayo in Princess and the Pirate (1944)
Virginia is put in heavy shackles.

Aya Sugimoto in Hana to hebi 2 (2005) part 2
Patricia Gaul is tied to variation of a cross consisting of a vertical pole with two horizontal wood bars. Her wrists are tied to the upper bar and her legs are wide spread and tied to the lower bar. Patricia Gaul is cleaved gagged with a cloth and she is disrobed from the waist up.

Vanessa Marcil in Las Vegas (Heroes)
Ms. Marcil is bound and gagged in the trunk with duct tape.

Naomi Ueno in Prokletı les (2007) part 1
Kiyomi is seen hanging by her wrists from a tree. She´s gagged with hemp rope wrapped several times around her mouth.

Amy Smart, unknown in Crank High Voltage (2009)
They both have her hands cuffed behind back.