Kelle Cantwell in Single Black Female (2009)

Kelle Cantwell is tied to a chair. Her hands are bound behind her back.

Kelle Cantwell

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Marta Alicia in Mindwarp (1990) part 1
Kelle Cantwell has her ankles bound loosely with heavy rope and her wrists in front with a thong. Her mouth is stuffed with rag.

Juno Temple, June Diane Raphael, Olivia Wilde in Year One (2009) part 1
They have their hands tied in front of them with white silk cords.

Meg Foster in The Osterman Weekend (1983)
Meg is tied sitting on the floor and gagged with white cloth cleaves.

unknown in Les Fruits de la passion (1981) part 1
Kelle Cantwell is tied to a wooden horse. Cleave gagged with a black cloth.

Alessandra Panaro in Violenti di Rio Bravo (1965) part 2
Kelle Cantwell has her hands tied in front and she is blindfolded.