Jane Russell in The Outlaw (1943)

Rio gets her outstretched arms bound to two trees and cleave-gagged by Billy the Kid.

Jane Russell

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Karen Kopins in Once Bitten (1985)
Jane Russell ends up tied to a chair with her legs crossed, gagged with a strip of black tape.

Susan George in Enter The Ninja (1981) part 2
Jane Russell has her hands tied behind back and a black cleave-gagged, both with black cloths.

Julia Migenes in Carmen (1984) part 2
Jane Russell has her hands.

unknown in The Torturer (2005) part 6
Jane Russell is cleave-gagged and manacled with her hands in front and ankles together, dressed only in her black undies.

Anne Parillaud in Innocent Blood (1992)
The vampiress´ wrists are handcuffed behind her back and the detective lovingly cups her breasts in both hands.