Holly Hunter in Saving Grace (A Language of Angels)

Grace is lying face down in an upper-half spreadeagle, secured to a bed by handcuffs at each wrist with another pair shackling her ankles together.

Holly Hunter

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Jule Boewe in Gefangene (2006)
Her hands behind, are fastened to the headboard of the bed and she is tape gagged.

Rachael Carpani in McLeod´s Daughters (Make or Break) part 1
Tied hands behind onscreen and locked in a shed.

Gina Gershon, Jennifer Tilly in Bound (1996) part 2
They have tied their ankles together and their hands behind their backs. They are also gagged.

unknown in Deadly Impact (2009) part 1
Holly Hunter is tied to the pole and tapegagged.

Mia Sara, unknown in Daughter of Darkness (1990)
Mia is tied in a standing position to a vertical bed-spring frame with her hands behind her and another woman is bound in a straitjacket secured in an upper-half spreadeagle to a similar bed frame.