A Pleasurable Rollercoaster Ride With Adult Toys

Well, you might have heard of this sex toy during adult conversations. You might have even stumbled upon one while getting naughty in adult sites. However, chances are that you have never considered using it. This is because you assume that adult sex toys are meant to the eyes are they fall under “do not try this at home” category. May I be the first to tell you that you are definitely wrong about cock rings. If you’re looking for the best adult toys like cockrings, visit

What are they?
Basically, they started off as rings that could be put either at the tip of the penis, along the shaft, at the base of the penis, or around the scrotum. However, modern adult rings have evolved and include toys that double as clitoris stimulators. What I am trying to tell you is that there may be more than a dozen types of cock rings. Therefore, if you decide to buy one make sure you are fully aware of what you intend to use it for.

How do they work?
Cock rings are not just merely sex toys. They have been used to treat a number of erectile dysfunctions. During erection, what happens is that blood for to the penis is increased to fill the spongy tissues with blood leading to an erection. Most people fail to get a full erection because the penis cannot sustain blood to the maximum. The purpose of the ring is to allow blood to flow to the penis and not out of it. This allows the man to sustain an erection for longer periods. The ring also prevents premature ejaculation, especially when placed around the scrotum.

How can cock rings improve my sex life?
Well if you can withhold erection for longer it means you get to delay an orgasm. Sex can be boring when you only get to pump thrice before you start shooting your load. However, if you can delay an orgasm the excitement build up will give you an explosive climax. Staying with an erection for long also means that you get to satisfy your partner by taking them to climax.

Some modern cock rings even have tiny vibrators at the top so that with every thrust you stimulate your partner’s clitoris. Other even have a tiny cock below that can be used for simultaneous anal penetration.

How to stay safe?
These rings come in different sizes. If you get a small one you might get a lot of discomfort due to the unusual build up of pressure. So it is important that you get a ring of your own size.

So now you are on the know and it is time to get yourself a cock ring and add some spice to your sex life.