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Pinned Article: Brand New Public Bondage Site

The site is called Public Disgrace and has a lot of outdoor bondage and public humiliation. Girls (mostly east european) are paraded through town and fucked in front of strangers while they are tied up. The scenes are real, and not staged. This is the best punishment in public you will ever see. 

You can see samples from Public Disgrace here.


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Saffy in a haystack

Saffy in a haystack

Saffy emails me this picture of her time out for a bondage shoot in haystack. The video of it is on her site, and I have seen it. Saffy is always hot as hell, but this one is really good.

The public factor makes her so much hotter than when is inside and covered.

[Read More.... Saffy in a haystack]

Japanese Girl in dog position in public.

Japanese Girl in dog position in public.

This must be really embarrasing for her. I dont know the origin of this picture, it was mailed to me from someone without any text, just as an attachment. I have tried to get a response without any luck.

Anyway, I like the pic. This is hardcore public bondage and I would like to see more of it. Props to the sender, but please email me and give me more details about it.

[Read More.... Japanese Girl in dog position in public.]

She should have kept her mouth shut

She should have kept her mouth shut

Randy sends me this picture of a lady friend he has. The title of the email was: She Should Have Kept Her Mouth Shut". He goes on and tells me that she and him has a relationship where domination is in focus.

I was his turn to be the dominant one and this time she pushed him a bit to far. She had tested him for a while and he had treathend to do just as the pictures shows, with that having any effect on her.

[Read More.... She should have kept her mouth shut]

Anna in public suspension bondage

Anna in public suspension bondage

I have already shown you pictures Nature Bondage pictures of Anna before (see related articles below) and this time you get her in some public suspension bondage.

Anna has gotten quite wild after her last few pubic bondage sessions and asked us take it bit further. How do you do that, yes, we tied her up in suspension bondage.

[Read More.... Anna in public suspension bondage ]

Easterbunny spanking girlīs ass in public

Easterbunny spanking girlīs ass in public

Easter is the most important annual religious feast in the Christian liturgical year. Here at its just an excuse to show you a picture of a huge easter bunny spanking a girlīs ass outside. Pretty funny...

Here some more info about easter, if it has your interest. According to the beliefs of some Christians, Jesus was resurrected from the dead on the third day after his crucifixion. Christians celebrate this resurrection on Easter Day or Easter Sunday (also Resurrection Day or Resurrection Sunday), two days after Good Friday and three days after Maundy Thursday.

[Read More.... Easterbunny spanking girlīs ass in public]

Andrea tied and stripped at parking lot

Andrea tied and stripped at parking lot

I can almost picture this in my mind. Come on honey, letīs go shopping. Hey, babe lets put some plastic strips on your so you can resist when I take of your clothes right here in the middle of the parking lot. Do you think anyone will see us, its only high noon.

Yep, thatīs what I would have though if I havenīt already posted pictures of Andre before - see related articles below this one - and knew that she was into this stuff.

[Read More.... Andrea tied and stripped at parking lot]

Michelle Knights submissive outdoor submissive weekend

Michelle Knights submissive outdoor submissive weekend

Once again Michelle Knight from Real Bondage enriches this website with a story from her personal and authentic submissive life. Itīs always a pleasure to read about what is happening for a real slave, not just the models who go home and after the bondage shoot.

Thank you Michelle for letting us follow your life. This one is not quite as much outdoor as the other Michelle have send me, but it is taking place in the garden/outdoor, so here we go:

[Read More.... Michelle Knights submissive outdoor submissive weekend ]

Judith and Sofie nude and chained in abandoned building

Judith and Sofie nude and chained in abandoned building

Remember Sofie and Judith from Nature Bondage? See related articles below this one.

They are back with a double outdoor bondage and its quite hot. Having been a couple for a while and each having done their own outdoor nude in the wood bondage shoot, they wanted to do one together.

[Read More.... Judith and Sofie nude and chained in abandoned building ]

Bridge Bondage

Got this from a reader of Punished in Public. Its someone who have been emailing with but. She tells me a lot of stories that I cant publish here, sigh. But she relented and let me do this one.

Her story starts here: Always had alot of fun doing that (Outdoor bondage).  Since we live on lots of acreage, also easier for us to do as well.  Can hear the trucks whizzing past on the highway, but they cant see into the back expanse through the treeline. 

[Read More.... Bridge Bondage]

Tied up in front of a window.

Tied up in front of a window.

Saffy from Saffys Secret  sends med this picture of her tied up in front of a window.

Really exicting stuff as she is helpless and tied and cant do a ting about it and people can just walk past and see her nude and helpless.

[Read More.... Tied up in front of a window.]

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Judith and Sofie nude and chained in abandoned building

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Gisela tied up nude in wood and she doesnīt like it.

Jane tied up nude in the back of car.

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Chubby girl tied up nude outside in Finland

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Nadia Styles stripped, blindfolded, tied up and fucked in public bar in front of audience

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If you have never heard about the blue serie, you are missing some extremely well performed and painful abuse

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The most extreme
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The source of this material is rumored to have originated in a basement in Louisiana. At least thatīs what most experienced surfers and webmasters agrees on, while others claims that itīs a dutch producers work.

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This is where fantasy ends and reality begins

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Women are being trained (for 4 days) to be submissive and serve men. Itīs a hard regime that they have to endure. They have to give blowjobs and take both vaginal and anal sex while they are tied up.

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